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Now, everyone of us faces ageing at some point in life. Some are worried about their health state, others want their bodies to keep their youth and some might want to know what aging is really about sciencewise. Anti aging treatments come in many different forms from products to plastic surgery but we aim to cover them all and also provide anit aging care tips and advice along the way.

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How well will you age?

Watching the years go by? That's not a very big problem for you, is it? Read our six tricks guide for a bright and young look. Only by taking care of the things below youíll manage to remain ahead of your age!

The aging process begins when youíre 20-30 years old, which is when you need to start to take into consideration the factors which can affect your bodyís balance:

1. Use UV screening cosmetic productsanti aging treatment

If you protect your skin from the sunís rays only in the summer, when youíre sunbathing, you must know that this singular habit isnít an effective barrier against wrinkles. Sun exposure is the main factor of skin aging. Some experts actually estimate that about 80% of aging is due to sun effects. Even more, sun exposure can cause skin cancer after the age of 50. Protection must be adapted depending on each type of skin. People with very light skin color need to use UV screening creams all year round. If youíre using these kind of products daily thereís a chance that your skin will have less wrinkles or sun-caused spots.

2. Eat fruits, vegetables and fish every day

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and youíll do your skin a very big favor! Lacking vitamins is the next major cause of body deterioration. You must pay attention to your meals more often, by that meaning you have to supply it with antioxidants (vitamins A, E, C and selenium), zinc and copper. You need a daily quantity of 60 miligrams of C vitamin (about as much as an orange has). It is recommended to give up sweets, meat and fat-rich food. Donít forget breakfast! Itís well known that even a piece of bread and butter or some cereals with milk will help your digestive system deal with the food more efficiently. Besides that, it also make you less hungry between the meals.

3. Drink more liquids!

Correct body hydration helps keep your skin young. Drink natural juices as much as possible, mineral water and tea. Avoid consuming too much black tea and coffee. In the summer your body will need up to 6 liters of fluids while in the cold season 1.5-2 liters will do the job.

4. Give up smoking

Both nicotine and alcohol ďstealĒ the skinís vitamins and minerals thus leaving it dehydrated and exposed to wrinkle conditions. Smoking should be definitely forbidden because it directly affects the skin, large part of the toxins being eliminated through it. These factors contribute to the whole body aging, also increasing the risks of cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis. Alcohol in moderate quantities isnít as harmful as tobacco is, unless thereís strict recommendation against it from your doctor.

5. Take it easy!

It has been proven that chronic stress increases the aging process' speed. Donít forget the 3 eights rule: have 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of relaxation each day. It sounds impossible, right? Try yoga, meditation, massage or aromatherapy. You can use oils that create a peaceful sensation such as lavender. Can't get enough sleep? You should try harder, otherwise your efficiency at work will suffer, youíll do a lot of mistakes and you'll get old quicker. Try harder to spend quality time with your friends, in a relaxing environment. Laughter has its benefits!

6. Use quality makeup

If the cosmetic products youíre using are carefully picked, they are specific to your skin type and you don'ít "forget" to remove your makeup every night, they won't harm your body. Instead, quality makeup protects the skin from harmful actions of the surrounding environment.

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