Pros and Cons of plastic surgery


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When plastic surgery is a necessity (like reshaping an abnormal structure of the body occurred as a birth defect or as a result of an accident) it is easier to come to a conclusion whether to have surgery. When it is cosmetic plastic surgery, a list of pros and cons should be done before making the decision.

Probably the most important advantage is that you will feel good about yourself (if you have a realistic expectation regarding the result of the surgery), your look will be improved and that will increase your self esteem.  Plastic surgery may help you look younger by decreasing the ageing signs, may remove some damages made by illness, infection (acne scars), may reshape some inherited abnormalities.

A satisfactory result of a plastic surgery can increase your self confidence, you get along better with the others, you will be more attractive in your own eyes because you do believe that you have gained beauty.

But there are some disadvantages that you should be aware of:

  • these types of surgery are quite expensive and they are not always covered by a health insurance
  • you need time to recover and heal, time when you will not be able to perform all your normal activities (go to work, practice your favorite sports)
  • there are side effects such as scarring, infection, pain
  • as any other surgery, this one has its risks or may lead to complications
  • according to the surgery performed, you may need to be hospitalized for a period of time or after you go home you may need somebody for couple of days to help you with the housework
  • you may be disappointed by the final result (especially if you've expected wonders to be accomplished) and consider that the efforts were not worth the trouble
  • the surgery can lead to some negative consequences; for example, after a liposuction was performed, you may have the unpleasant surprise to see that your body will fight back to recreate its fat deposits, but in other parts of the body where there was no fat before (such as the back of the knees); or if a dermabrasion or a chemical peel was carried out, your skin will remain very sensitive when exposed to sun

As a conclusion, plastic surgery is still a surgery with all that this implies. So be aware of the disadvantages when deciding to get it done.

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