Types of plastic surgery


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One of the most wonderful dreams of humankind is to beat ageing. A lot of effort has been made to accomplish this dream. Although we haven't completely succeeded, we do have something to help on the way which our ancestors hadn't: plastic surgery. The name came from plastikos, a Greek word that can be translated “to form”, “to mold” and was chosen because this type of surgery reshapes parts of the body in order to increase its functionality and appearance.

While reconstructive surgery deals with some abnormalities (birth defects or problems caused by accidents, diseases, ageing) cosmetic surgery reshapes an existing part of the body, keeping close to the original form, but improving the appearance.

Most people appeal to it because they want to feel more comfortable with themselves, to increase their self confidence: looking good makes you feel good.

Some of the most common plastic surgeries that make you look younger are:

BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) states that the number of plastic surgeries is increasing from year to year in the UK. Women seem to favor breast enlargement surgery, face lifts, eye surgery and Botox injections while men go for nose reshaping and chest fat reduction.

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