Good skin care practices


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Everybody wants perfect skin. But not everybody knows what to do to succeed in having one. First of all you need to learn some good skincare practices and then make them part of your daily routine (maybe it seems complicated, but it isn't and it won't take you more than 5-6 minutes at the time). Here are the practices that should be done (both by men and women) twice a day (in the morning and in the evening):

1. Cleansing - that doesn't necessarily mean only your bath/shower, but to use the right products (creams or gels), especially on your face and neck (where no soap should be used because it stimulates the oil production).

2. Toning – to apply the toner you have to use only cotton balls; this procedure that follows the cleansing will restore the acid Ph of your skin (better is to chose toners which are not based on alcohol).

3. Exfoliating – this way you'll remove the dead skin from the surface, the pores can “breath” and your skin will look younger. Shaving is a good exfoliating process for men's face skin, but they should also use after shaves which are not based on alcohol because their skin needs moisturizing products, not astringents ones. It also helps if once a week you use a proper mask or a scrub product.

4. Moisturizing – you will re-hydrate your skin by giving it the right nutrients.

Don't forget: a night cream brings you no benefit if used during the day; use a day cream that has sunscreen with at least 15 SPF factor; you should pamper all your skin, not only the face.

When choosing the products for these procedures you have to base your decision on four factors: your age (what works for a 20 years one is not good enough for at 50), your genes (maybe you have inherit a dry skin, but that won't be a problem if you act accordingly), your skin type (dry, oily, combined, normal) and your lifestyle (if you smoke or not, how much stress do you have in your life).

Remember that sun protection is vital , without it your skin will look older sooner than you want. And try to reduce stress and smoking (if you can't quit completely) because they are also big enemies of healthy, good looking skin.

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