Top ten habits for healthy skin


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Sometimes you are not aware of what you have unless you lose it (or it gets deteriorated). The same theory applies to your skin. If you are young and you do not have any skin problems, you don't pay enough attention to it until, at some point, you are not pleased with the way it looks. Then you start worrying, pay a lot for expensive treatments, start thinking of plastic surgery and so on.  All these things can be avoided if you develop early a good attitude regarding your skin.

Here are some habits that helps in the “battle” for a healthy skin:

1. Everybody loves the light and the warmth of the sun. But it can become your skins worst enemy if you don't use an adequate protection (that is a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF factor).

2. It is not enough to moisturize your skin from outside. No matter how good the cream is, a good inside hydration is needed so don't forget to drink plenty of water.

3. Have a healthy lifestyle if you want to keep a youthful look longer. Exercise your body and your skin will take advantage of your efforts. Stop smoking if you don't want more wrinkles and a dull, lifeless look for your skin. 

4. Keep an eye on your diet. Improper food and too much alcohol can damage your skin.

5. Have enough sleep. This is not only helping you to recharge the batteries for another day, but it also gives your skin enough time to recover.

6. Pamper your skin daily by using the four simple procedures that should be done in the morning and evening: cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing. 

7. Don't use soap and products based on alcohol on your face, neck (they will deprive your skin of all moisture and natural oils).

8. Don't use makeup in excess. And don't you ever go to bed (no matter how tired you are) without removing them.

9. Pay attention when shaving or depilating. After that, your skin will need a lot of moisturizing, or if irritation has occurred, gels and creams that help calm it down.

10. Usually forgotten lips, hands and feet should benefit also from pampering and proper care.

Maybe this list seems endless, but once you've started applying these tips, they will become a way of life. And it is worth the effort because skin is beautiful when it’s healthy. 

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