Losing your wrinkles


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Wrinkles! You don't like them because they are a constant proof of your ageing. You don't want them, but they still appear against your wishes. Like it or not, wrinkles' appearing is natural because in time, the second layer of our skin, the dermis, loses its collagen and elastin and has problems in moisturizing the epidermis (the first skin layer) so this starts forming wrinkles.

There is not a strict rule when and how many wrinkles should appear at a specific age. Of course, it will be better to prevent them from forming or to delay their appearance by:

But if you already have them and they bother you, then you have try to fight against them. Maybe they will not completely disappear, but their aspect can be improved.

The easiest way is to use good anti wrinkles cream and gels (based on vitamin A and derivative, like RetinA or Renova) and to start (or continue) all the activities mentioned above (when talking about how to prevent wrinkles).

If you are still not happy, then you may consider a medical approach:

If none of these solution appeal to you, than all you have to do is get use to your wrinkles and think that your happiness is not based on them.

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