How anti-aging face cream works


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The cosmetic market is full of products that promise wonders over night if you buy them. And there are commercials with famous actress that have a perfect skin and they tempt you to buy anti ageing treatments. Of course that it would be wonderful to have an anti ageing cream that really makes miracles (a skin face looking vivid and younger, with less wrinkles). But Anita Roddickhe, founder of the Body Shop, stated "there is nothing on Godís planet that will take away 30 years of arguing with your husband and 40 years of environmental abuse. Anything which says it can magically take away your wrinkles is a scandalous lie"(19 October 2000, The Times).

That doesn't mean that the anti-ageing face creams are of no good, but they cannot accomplish wonders: they just improve at some percentage the look of the skin, may slow down the deterioration and protect against other ageing signs. Basically a cream contains preservatives (like essential oils) which diminish the number of bacterias, emulsifiers (ensure a smooth consistency), humectants (water retainers), silicone (facilitate the application of the cream), sunscreens (protect against UV).

The secret of an anti ageing face cream lies in the anti ageing ingredients used when creating the cream. These ingredients should: help the skin regain its elasticity and the luminous look, get read of the dead layers of skin, make the wrinkles less visible, prevent forming other wrinkles.

Here are some of the most common anti ageing ingredients used in face creams:

When choosing an anti ageing face cream you have to look carefully what are the ingredients, if they have or not side effects, how long will it take till the results will appear, if your budget permits you to purchase it at least for couple of months.

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