Reversing the Ageing Process


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For as long as the humankind can remember ageing was consider a natural process that always ends with death. While many people accept this as a fact of life there are others who try to find ways to reverse the ageing process and why not, to defeat death if possible.

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of “Ageless Body Timeless Mind”, a person's age is a mixture of three different ages:  chronological (your age on the ID card), biological (the age of your body, as a result of your life experience) and psychological (the age you feel you have). While the first age cannot be changed, on the others two it is up to us to influence them.

The biological age is given by the state of our body. In 2005, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) has presented some interesting research at Edinburgh International Science Festival: an active person in his/her 80s can have the muscle strength of a much younger person who is sedentary (inactive). UK experts agree also on the fact that a diet (or supplements) rich in essential amino acids and compound proteins can help strengthen the muscles (after 40 years of age a person starts loosing between 0.5-2% of the muscle).

Exercising is one of the key factors in reversing the ageing process. Another is a positive change lifestyle which includes less stress, more rest/sleep and a balanced diet. Preventing and curing health problems in early stages (especially when talking about cardiovascular diseases, heart problems, cancer) also help us fight ageing. A good skin and hair therapy will also bring positive results.

The psychological age depends a lot on the life's experiences and our attitude toward them. If we are depressed, if we think negative about oneself, if we are overwhelmed by the day to day worries, if we forget to smile, laugh and enjoy ourselves than we will definitely accelerate the ageing process.

Reversing the ageing process is actually about living a healthy life, with lots of sport and a balanced diet and no excesses (wasting nights, smoking and drinking heavily).

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