Weight loss plan


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You have enough of these kilos stuck on your body; you are more than determined to do all you can to regain your slim figure back because it will add a plus to your self-esteem and you won't have to change completely your whole wardrobe. When deciding to lose weight, you have to think of it as of what it really is: a battle. You have to do what all the great commanders do: plan it carefully.

A plan well done will be a great help in achieving your goals. You can write it down on a paper or you can draft it on your PC and then printed. Not the form is important but its content, so don't waste too much time working on it; you won't win a Nobel prize for it and it isn't likely that too many will be interested to read it, but yourself. Here are some helpful suggestions for your plan:

No matter how good the plan is it will be better if you will have somebody to report your progresses or to sustain you when you are depressed and about to give up. It can be one of your friends, it can be a partner (a work college, a neighbor, an acquaintance from the gym club who starts the diet at the same time with you) or you can go on some special website forums where supportive groups are.

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