How to speed up your metabolism


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Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns its needed quantity of energy (calories) to maintain itself. If your body cannot burn all the calories provided because of a slow metabolism (or because we have provided more than it needed), these calories will be stored and we gain weight.

So it is very important to have a good metabolism in order to have a healthy body, with a youthful appearance. Unfortunately ageing slows the metabolism down. Here are some tips to help you speed up your metabolism:

  1. Be sure you are healthy. For example problems with the functioning of thyroid can lead to a slowing of metabolism.
  2. Never pass breakfast. A consistent breakfast will assure you an accelerated metabolism for the day.
  3. Don't have long breaks between meals; this way your metabolism will slow down in order to preserve energy. Its better to have more meals during the day, but make sure it is proper food (if you don't have enough calories for example, your metabolism will slow down because it has less energy to burn).
  4. Don't starve yourself thinking that you'll lose some weight, you'll obtain quite the contrary because you're metabolism will go much slower, you're body will store as much as it can, not to mention that you hair and skin will look dull.
  5. Exercise constantly. This is probably the best advice ever because if you exercise you'll develop your muscles; if you have muscles you will definitely burn more calories (muscle tissues are working day and night, no matter how old you are or what you do at the moment); if you burn more calories you will accelerate your metabolism for sure. That's why fat people have a slow metabolism and athletic persons a fast one.
  6. Drink enough water. If you are hydrated you help your body to function better because more than 70% of its functions take place in water.
  7. Don't eat and drink too many sweet products because you will increase the level of sugar in your blood and that will lead to a poor functionality of your body and further you to a very slow metabolism.

Ageing means less time for sport, late meals, more alcohol and too much food (when you get more stressed because of your job, money and kids you tend to eat more) so a decrease of muscles and a slowing of metabolism which will have as consequence a premature ageing, extra kilos and a lack of energy. Don't let all this happen to you. Speed up your metabolism!

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