Motivation for exercise


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You want to look young and energetic, you want to feel good about yourself and you know that one of the ways to accomplish this is to exercise. Every evening you tell yourself: tomorrow I will definitely start but tomorrow comes and goes and you become more and more inactive no matter how good your face creams are, your skin is not as vivid as it used to be; your body starts reacting to aging process sooner than you wanted it too. Here are some suggestions that may help you motivate yourself:

  1. Choose the right type of exercise. You have to have fun while doing it otherwise you'll stop soon after you've started. Not everybody can and like jogging, so don't force yourself into it just because all your friends seem to be big fans. Maybe itís better to have a nice, long walk, but do them in a more accelerated tempo than usual.
  1. No matter how you've decided to exercise equip yourself properly: good sport shoes, proper training equipment, a bottle of mineral water, a portable CD player/Ipod/MP3 player (for walking/jogging).
  1. Make yourself a fixed program and try to stick with it (for example go swimming every Tuesday and Friday afternoon; or go to gym 4 times per week; or go jogging every morning)
  1. Make a list of reasons why you should exercise (your clothes will fit you again, your skin will lose that dull aspect, you'll look younger because your body will move more energetically, you'll be able to keep up with your kids when playing in the park and so on). The longer the list is, the more reasons you'll find to keep exercising.
  1. Find a partner if you intend to practice activities usually done alone. You can motivate each other to run just a bit more, you won't feel when the time has passed during the walk, you can challenge yourselves to go one more time around the swimming pool, you can check you progresses at the fitness club. Or go for activities which can be done in a collectivity: aerobic, volley ball, stepper, basketball, football.
  1. Be generous with yourself and at least in the beginning reword your effort and a job well done (you can put a small amount of money in a piggy bank each time you practice and at the end of the month you can by yourself something nice).

Don't think that you can't make it because you can. All beginnings are hard and starting exercising is no exception. But the good thing is that the more you practice, the easier will be to go on with it and soon it will become a way of life. Also think of all those benefits: healthy, energetic body, a youthful appearance, a glowing skin.

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