Losing weight the easy way


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You have a wardrobe full of nice clothes and you are complaining that you have nothing to wear. The reason? They don't fit you anymore due to the extra weight you've gained and you don't want to spend the money on new clothes hoping that you'll regain your shape. You are thirty and you look like forty. The reason? Your body is overwhelmed with the extra weight so it cannot do its job properly and as a result your skin has a dull appearance, your moves are not energetic at all. And time is passing and somehow the kilos are still there because you can't seem able to get rid of them.

Losing weight is not an easy process, especially if you are not in your 20s anymore. So don't make it even harder than it already is. Here are some tips to help you lose weight the easy way:

  1. Your body (with or without extra weight) is not your enemy. On contrary, you have to treat it as your best friend and your needs will be easier accomplished. Don't be ashamed with it because you will create yourself a lot of complexes and frustrations.
  1. Be realistic and lose weight the right and healthy way. Don't believe all the commercials that assures you to lose 5 kilos in a week. You needed time to put them on, so you'll need time to get rid of them. Remember that when keeping a diet your body is trying to readjust to the situation so there will be periods when you will have the same weight. It is normal so be patient; It will pass (usually it takes one to four weeks) and then you will start loosing weight again.
  1. Don't starve yourself. Your body will fight against the less quantity of food you're providing and it will do its best to make (fat) deposits. You can't go on forever eating a yogurt and a salad per day and when you go back to normal food your kilos may come back even more then they were before.
  1. Drink plenty of water. It is good for your skin, for your health and will take away the sensation of hunger.
  1. Be sure that your diet is well balanced, that you have all the right vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat and carbohydrates in the needed amounts.
  1. Don't practice sport by yourself. Take a friend with you or choose something that requires more people. This way you will not give up after the first 10 minutes, you'll have fun and you won't even know when the time has gone.
  1. Ask for your family support. It is no fun at all if your fridge is full of chocolates or ice cream and you are on diet.
  1. Don't be afraid to cheat a bit... it may seem strange advice, but it is better to plan your cheating (let's say on weekend you allow yourself some teaspoons of ice cream) than stop your diet because you couldn't resist temptation and eat something that was forbidden.

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