Aging effects


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For many times you might have wondered what exactly is aging. Aging is the process that turns us old. Scientistís brief definition of aging is: the process of body deterioration in oneís life time. This deterioration is provoked by various factors. Now we are going to discuss some of the major factors that influence aging.

Internal factors and their effects

Muscle aging is the process when your muscles lose mass and begin to shrink. Your handgrip will become weaker in your 50ís than it was in your 20ís and your muscle response will decrease. Although this is a natural process that you canít stop, you must also know that you are the one that can accelerate it by living a sedentary lifestyle. If you are past your 50ís donít consider yourself old and useless. Go to the gym, run or do anything that implies body workout. It is for the best.

Our bones also age. The effects of bone aging are visible in the loss of bones minerals and bones mass loss. This causes osteoporosis; your bones become as fragile as sticks.

The genetic factor has as effect the premature aging. Premature aging means the presence of all the symptoms of an old body on a young body.

Environmental factors and their effects

Here we will talk about all sorts of exterior factors that influence aging.

Sun exposure is the main cause of skin aging. It causes wrinkles and spots to cover your skin once you are getting older. A good way to prevent this from happening is to use sunscreen and other similar lotions to protect every centimeter of your skin, especially if you are a sun lover or your job is sentencing you to long sun exposures.  

Another important environmental factor is gravity. Once you advance in age, your skin loses most of its properties and that is when gravity interferes. Due to the lack of elasticity, your skin will start looking like itís falling being unable to recover or to maintain its shape.

The nutritional factors must be also taken into account. A bad diet can lead into serious damages to your body and to your immunity system. Especially if you are an older person you must see if your nutritional plan is the right one for you. You must be aware that your body is older too and it cannot handle every sort of alimentation.

The cognitive and cultural factors and their effects

These factors can lead into serious brain aging. It is quite simple. Imagine your brain to be a muscle. If you do not exercise that muscle it will atrophy and it will lose strength. In addition, the effort to recover the muscle will be greater after a long period of no functioning. Therefore, if you do not want to suffer the effects of cultural and cognitive brain aging, you have to use your brain as much as possible. Everyone knows that older people start to feel depressed once aging and feel useless and disposable. That is not true. The key to fight against these symptoms is to keep yourself and your brain occupied.

The social factor

This factor is mainly stress. Stress has a very bad influence on our physical and mental health. Stress can cause hair loss, hair whitening, depression or any other form of premature aging. A good thing is to try identifying your stress factors and eliminate them one by one.

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