Aging process


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The aging process is something that cannot be stopped; it starts when we reach 30 years old and stops when we die. Many people want to slower their aging process by changing their lifestyle, performing yoga or practicing sports. Some specialists have a different theory: they think that our aging process is coded in our genes and we will age at the same rate, no matter what we do. However, different diseases, heart problems, obesity and smoking can lead to premature aging and early death.

A study shows that obese people are more exposed to risks than smokers because every time their cells spawn they lose some of their DNA. The more DNA they lose the more likely it is for them to die early.  Smokers who are obese present the highest risk in premature mortality because smoking and obesity attack the same arias especially the ones who reached 50 years or more.

Aging process can also be affected by the environment; for example people who live in polluted areas die younger than people who live in the countryside or non-polluted areas. Another important factor is food and they way it is processed. Most of the products that are on the market contain chemicals that may increase cancer risk; for example food artificial coloring, food additives, aspartame, sulfites, etc. These make the food look and taste better but I think the price our health pays for it, itís too big.  

Smoking also causes premature aging but not only because it leads to cancer. Tobacco can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases and Alzheimer. Smoking can destroy the skinís normal functions causing it to be dry and preventing it from regenerating. Also, only exposing your skin to smoke can cause dryness. When you smoke, the cells produce less collagen and collagen is the substance which is responsible for a non wrinkled, healthy skin.

Antioxidant products can significantly slow our aging process. Antioxidants work against free radicals. Free radicals destroy our cells when they come in contact with them in a process called oxidation; they are often produced by sun exposure, smoke, fried food and different chemicals. Antioxidants are contained by green tea, fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables and they do a good job in neutralizing the free radicalís effects. Doctors say that free radicals are most responsible for diseases like: diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases and arthritis.

The aging process also comes with a decreased immune system because as we grow old our immune system fails to function properly. Thatís why most old people die of harmless disease which could have been treated with no effort if they were younger.

Scientists always try to find new ways to defy aging and death but all is still theoretical, no age defying pill can work better than a healthy life. Maybe in the future we will be able to make the cells spawn forever but until then we have to try to preserve what we have left of our body and try to be happy with the way we age. After all, aging has its benefits.

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