Aging skin care


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Some of the people who reach a certain age consider skin care a useless part of their program but that is a wrong attitude. Even if you are older and your skin has some aging sings it doesnít mean that you have to stop taking care of her. Aging skin care products are plentiful and you will surely find something for your skin and pocket.

One of the most common causes of skin aging is sun because it produces free radicals which are very dangerous for both our skin and body. Wear sunscreen whenever you get out of the house, even during winter; if you didnít do it when you were younger, do it now because itís better than nothing. A cream that blocks the UVA and UVB rays is perfect for summer, also if you can find cosmetics with sunscreen itís even better (like foundation and lipstick).

Avoid too much sun exposure even if you are wearing sun screen, those days of great tan are over if you want to have a great skin. During summer wear long sleeved clothing made of cotton and also avoid dark colors.

Always use a moisturizer that is suitable for your type of skin. That is very important if you want to keep your skin healthy. Using moisturizers for other types of skin can have disastrously effects on it; for example think of using a dry skin product on your oily skin, not only it makes it oilier but it can also damage it and change its PH. 

When you expose your skin to extreme cold or heat, use a hydrating moisturizer after the exposure to make sure that it doesnít get too dry. Also if your skin is dry all the time it will need special attention from you and also regular cosmetic treatment.

 Aging skin can also have, besides wrinkles, some unaesthetic spots. To make them less visible you can use products which have alpha-hydroxy as an ingredient. Alpha-hydroxy is known to make your spots almost imperceptible and in some cases it totally removes them.

Natural face masks and products are based on natural ingredients which are also a good option mostly because they adapt easily and they are a perfect choice for a sensitive skin.

Also do follow the three important steps for a perfect skin no matter what age: cleaning, exfoliating and hydrating. If you do that every week you wonít have to worry about how your skin will look when you grow older.

If you really want to look younger you can chose Botox treatment; this treatment consists in injecting Botox in your face muscles and paralyzing them so your expressions will be limited and your wrinkles almost invisible.

It is best to consult your dermatologist before trying chemical products on the market because they might be damaging to your skin. Also make sure you have a healthy diet (that includes: enough water, less sugar and less fats) and lifestyle (for example if you are smoker, cut down the amount of cigarettes you smoke or, better, stop smoking).

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