Aging Theories


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Have you ever wondered what is behind this whole aging mechanism? We know for sure that once we grow older our bodies grow older too, but do we know for sure why?

Scientists have developed different theories upon the aging process. In this article, we are going to talk about some of these theories.

Dr. August Weisman developed in 1882 a theory called “wear and tear”. In his theory, he claimed that the cells and our organs are damaged by abuses. Alimentation and environment has a serious effect on organs like liver, kidneys, stomach, heart etc.

However the theory refers not only to organs, it refers to body cells as well, the effects of the abuses being visible even at cellular level. Now you might be wondering: if organs are damaged by abuses, why people, who live a healthy life, age and die? Because abuses only accelerate the damage of the organs, are not necessarily main causes for it. Younger people’s bodies have a greater ability to recover from a heavy drinking party or smoking abuse. Older people cannot even resist flu while younger people miraculously recover from accidents or dangerous diseases.

Another theory belongs to Dr. Vladimir Dilman, who has elaborated this theory on the principles of “wear and tear”. He focused his research upon the biochemical network that is in charge of releasing the hormones and other vital chemical elements – the neuro-endocrine system. When young, the level of hormones is very high and the hypothalamus is working well setting up a multitude of chain reactions that govern our bodies’ functions. As we grow old, the body produces lower quantities of hormones and this leads to disastrous complication in our normal functioning. This is the neuro-endocrine theory.

We all know what DNA is. We are born with a unique genetic code that makes us predetermined to function in a certain way. In that small ribbon is the answer to how much will we live and how fast do we age. This is the genetic aging theory. This theory and its believers assume that each one of us has an inherited biological clock inside, that is programmed to ring sometime in the future. 

The waste accumulation theory blames aging on cells. During its lifetime a cell produces more waste than it can eliminate. This waste consists of toxins that accumulated in high quantity interfere with the cell’s functioning. This theory is based on the presence of Lipofuscin, a toxin present in nerve and heart muscle cells which are critical to life.

Mitochondrial theory.  Mitochondria are the cell’s energy providers. These organelles produce the body’s primary source of energy, ATP. However, their importance is not equal with the resistance they have. They are defenseless in front of diseases compared to other cellular organelles. Scientists’ newest research in mitochondrial healing may have a very important role in the war against aging.

There are even more theories than the ones presented here. However, for now we must be aware that we age, but if we can resist abuses of any kind, our aging process could be slowed down.

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