Anti aging creams


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From ancient times people wanted to discover the secret to look forever young, nowadays scientists and cosmetic companies invest a lot of money to create miraculous creams which will make you look younger.

Every woman likes to take care of how she looks, sometimes trying to stop the timeís effects on her skin. Time will never stop, but we can stop it on our faces for a while with anti aging creams.

There are many types of anti aging lotions and creams: with vitamins, with antioxidants, some even have fruit acids.

How do you know when a type of anti aging cream is good for your face? If your skin is sensitive doctors recommend a cream rich in vitamin C. It will help your skin become more elastic and produce more collagen.

Even young people with age between 20 to 30 years can benefit from anti aging creams however they have to use those special moisturizers which are suitable for their age.

If your skin is dry and dehydrated or you are a smoker chose an anti aging cream based on fruit acids. It will get rid of the dead cells on your skin and will contribute to making new ones.

Anti aging creams have to be applied regularly to see the effects, and also the product must be changed every 6 months because the skin quickly adapts to it. The best anti aging creams are made from natural ingredients; although they are more expensive than anti aging creams made from chemicals they sure worth all the money. Natural anti aging creams adapt very easy to your skin and the rash risk is minimum.  

Most of the anti aging creams have Q10 coenzyme in their ingredients. Q10 coenzyme is a substance which has a similar role as vitamins and it is present into all body cells especially in the heart, liver and brain. It is responsible for all energy processes; it helps the body stock energy and has an antioxidant role.

Another ingredient which can be found in anti aging creams is collagen. Collagen is a powerful hydrating factor for our skin.  Wrinkles usually appear because our skin is lacking collagen so an anti aging skin with collagen will help you get rid of some wrinkles.

Liposome is a microscopic sphere that will transport the hydro soluble ingredients through our skin. Anti aging creams with liposomes are usually more hydrating but specialists donít know if the liposomes have any other effects when applied on the skin.

There are a lot of anti aging products on the market, from anti aging pills to anti aging creams so you will be almost overwhelmed if you want to go and choose something. Although many anti aging creams promise a lot, their effect depends on your skin, your lifestyle and your genes so itís best to chose a cream suitable for your type of face and easy to apply. Donít search for the most expensive ones because sometimes price does not mean quality. As long as you apply them regularly and you have a healthy diet it will do its job but donít expect to be 20 years old younger.

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