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The best anti aging cream is not the one which was just presented on TV by a young pretty girl; itís the one who is suitable for your skin.

A lot of commercials present their product as the best anti aging cream but thatís not very true as any cream must be first tested by the customer. If you decide to buy one of the best anti aging creams first ask for some testers because it is the best to try it.

The cream has to be tested at home after youíve washed your face and removed any traces of makeup. Donít use a lot of cream, just thin coating, enough to cover your face. Leave it for a few hours and look in the mirror. If any red spots or other types of irritation appeared than it is definitely not good for you, if its smell changed while you were wearing it than it might not adapt very well to your skin. Of course, when you ask for cream samples mention your type of skin.

Usually products which are described as best anti aging creams are very expensive so that is one of the reasons you should ask for a test before you buy it, another reason is the fact that they may contain ingredients which are called revolutionary and new so they might be harmful for your skin. If you have a sensitive skin you should definitely mention it when you buy because some products come in ďlighterĒ variants for special types of skin.

Also, if they donít have a sensitive skin cream you should definitely consult your dermatologist before buying any of the products designed for normal skin or just try other manufacturer which probably has something similar for a sensitive skin.

Some of the best anti aging creams also contain ingredients similar to Botox injections, they paralyze the muscles limiting the expressions and preventing any wrinkles from forming. They usually are found in specialized places so you will have to ask your doctor about them and if the treatment is suitable for you.

What is best to know before buying an anti aging cream or trying a wrinkle treatment is the fact that these only have effects on fine wrinkles. Deep wrinkles are almost impossible to ameliorate even with the best aging creams and as the time passes they become even harder to hide. You can remove your deep wrinkles with plastic surgery or collagen injections but donít expect the same result from a cream, no matter how expensive it is.

Anti aging creams results are never permanent and they start to fade when you stop using the product. Try not to use a certain product forever, chose two or more anti aging creams and alternate them at least every 6 months. If you use the same cream for a lot of time your skin will adapt and results will start to fade. If you chose a night cream and a day cream make sure the day cream has sunscreen because it will protect you from free radicals and other wrinkles.

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