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Your face needs the best you can offer, after all it is the only one you will have for the rest of your life so why not take care of it properly? In order to be the best, face cream must have some of the following properties: hydration, wrinkle prevention and help skin regeneration. These are the main conditions the best face cream must fulfill.

Before buying your best face cream take a good look in the mirror and try to analyze your face: what can a good face cream do for you? Be realistic and write down your answer, for example: it can make my face look less dehydrated and it could help me lose my fine wrinkles. Now that you know what you are looking for go and test the market, donít buy, just test. Donít be ashamed! Thatís why they have testers, however to avoid getting any diseases try to use small samples and make sure they are made for one use only.

Try to buy easy and fast to use products because you donít want to be late for work just because you had to apply your daily moisturizer.

When you enter the store tell the shop assistant exactly what you need, she will lead you from there. Pay attention to what she says and how she says it and if you think she is lying about something ask her for details.

If she presents a very expensive product donít buy it until you have tested it, made sure itís not allergic and obtained a guarantee for it.

My opinion is that the best face creams are the ones which contain natural ingredients because they are rarely allergic and you have no risk to get rashes. Other products, like the ones which contain chemicals, must be used carefully especially by people who know they have problematic skin.

If you decided which is the best face cream for you itís time to decide what to use for your eyes. Never use your face cream around your eyes unless itís an emergency: it can irritate the sensitive area and produce swelling. For your eyes, a good thing is to use chamomile compressions or gels because they have a calming antiseptic effect. If you have wrinkles around your eyes it is best to choose an anti wrinkle cream specially made for that area and a normal hydrating cream for the rest of the face.

There isnít a best face cream for everyone, every person is different and so is their skin. Maybe your skin needs more attention than your sisterís and you canít possibly find the same face cream the best. Another aspect that should be taken in account is price: if itís expensive it doesnít mean it will make you look like a star, it is probably like other creams but the producer had to pay for more commercials.

If you canít decide what is best for you or tried everything and nothing worked, you should consider consulting your dermatologist because you will get a professional advice and maybe you will finally find out which is your best face cream.

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