Brain Aging


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People grow older everyday and an old saying says that there is no wiser man than an old man. However, the following question rises now in our minds: Is it true that once you get older you become wiser and smarter too? You might grow wiser but smarter only if you follow some rules.

The research of some scientists has shown that there is a very big chance for your brain to get older once you advance in age. Results indicated that people between 26 to 40 years have a low level of damage. People over 40 years of age show different levels of damage in their brain cells depending on the life style they had.

As expected, the brains of people over 60 years show the biggest level of damage in all categories of age. The results of this study are not very relevant but they must be taken into consideration. The level of damage made to brain cells is not the same on all subjects as it depends on alimentation, lifestyle, the brain functions and subjectís brain repair mechanisms.

Scientists also grew brain cells then simulated stress and aging factors. However, preventing damage and restoring the functions of damaged brain cells by controlling the proteins that stimulate recovery of the brain is only experimental. Until we can benefit on the fruits of this medical research, here is what the doctors recommend for our brain.

Longer life for your brain

To prevent damage and a good brain function, we must take care of ourselves. We must make our lives as healthy as possible. Sport is a good treatment. Physical exercise is becoming a necessary drug for people over 50 years of age. Activities like jogging, aerobics and all sorts of other types of exercises are very good for our aging bodies. There are more links between mind activity and body workout than we can ever imagine. A good exercise produces valuable substances used in brain activity, stimulates creation of new neural bonds and strengthens existing blood vessels that communicate with our brain. 

Another good activity for our brain is intense intellectual activity. Mind games, reading and many other similar activities are very efficient in maintaining our brain in good conditions. So read more, do math, do anything to keep your mind busy. Donít relax the brain too much because it will get used to it and you will start having trouble doing simple problems like figuring how much you have to pay when you buy things.  Eliminate the stress factors as much as you can from your life because strong negative emotions can produce brain damage.

EAT HEALTHY! Make sure you have healthy aliments in your daily meals. These aliments must be rich in proteins. Also, be sure you have a good vitamin intake. For example, vitamin E is considered very efficient in maintaining a good brain activity, especially if you are a smoker or you live in a polluted area.

Please consider this advice if you want to have a healthy mind when you grow older. If you are old and you donít feel like yourself anymore, make an effort and keep an eye on your lifestyle and take into account what you do and what you eat. You will see the results very soon. Everything is for your best. 

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