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When we age, our skin needs a lot of care and protection but some of the areas on our skin need special care. One of those areas is the area around our eyes where the skin is very sensible and susceptible to wrinkles. To make sure that your eye wrinkle cream is efficient you must find out if it is suitable for the type of skin you have around your eyes. The skin around our eyes can be the same type as our face skin but most of the cases it is rather different. There are three types of skin around our eyes: dehydrated, mature and normal.

People with normal skin are the most happy as they donít have to use special products. A normal eye wrinkle cream or gel is perfect for their skin because it assures a normal hydration keeping the skin soft and wrinkle free.

Dehydrated skin is usually very uncomfortable as it often comes with itching sensations and irritations. Usually if you donít treat your dehydrated skin wrinkles appear in a very short time. Dehydration wrinkles are not permanent and they can be easily eliminated with a strong hydrating and special eye wrinkle creams. Be careful because if you donít treat the wrinkles in time and you keep on leaving your skin dehydrated the effects will be permanent and your premature wrinkles will be forever. On the market there is a variety of eye wrinkle creams but if your skin is too sensible and causes a lot of problems it is best to ask your dermatologist before you try a new revolutionary product.

Some people suffer from dehydration because it is encoded in their genes but others can become dehydrated for many reasons like not drinking enough water or not eating enough fruits; also the use of diuretics can lead to severe dehydration. If your spend a lot of time in front of the TV or computer you shouldnít be surprised if the skin around your eyes is dehydrated, but in these situations you can use special eye wrinkle creams for tired eyes. If you want to determine whether your skin is dehydrated or not you just have to make a simple test: easily pinch the skin around your eye and if it becomes wrinkled after you let go dehydration is the cause of your problems.

Another type of skin around our eyes is mature skin which is the main cause for expression wrinkles. The skin regenerates slower and its elasticity decreases. If you have mature skin around your eyes it is best to use eye wrinkle creams which contain caviar, retinol or have regenerating properties. Also an eye wrinkle cream specially made to increase the skinís tonus is very welcomed as it will support the process of tissue regeneration and your wrinkles will be less visible.

If you find an eye wrinkle cream that works stick to it and donít change it very often as the skin around the eyes is sensible to changes; a cosmetic treatment should also be complimented with massage and a good sleep.

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