Face aging


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Face aging depends on many factors like heredity and the way we treat our skin. The first signs of aging are dehydration and losing skinís elasticity.

Obviously, each part of our body ages differently but the most exposed areas are the ones which have a bigger contact with the sun and air. Our face is the most exposed part of our body but it also plays the role of a business card so everybody tries to keep it as beautiful as they can.

Face aging can be also influenced by our lifestyle because our face gets easily affected by sun, wind, sleep, alcohol and smoking.

Sun has a very aggressive action on our skin and is the most common thing that leads to premature face aging. Sun radiations increase the production of free radicals which create irreversible damage   to our skin so if you want to protect yourself, you always have to use sunscreen.

The first signs of aging can appear even when you only are 20 years old. Between 20 to 30 years your skin will get dehydrated, the protection barriers will get diminished and elasticity will start to decrease. To slow down this process it is necessary to exfoliate at least once a week to eliminate the dead cells on your face and help the skin creating new healthy ones.

When we reached 30 years we will definitely need to pay more attention to our skin.  By this time the expression wrinkles appear, especially the ones from the eyes.

Sleeping positions can also influence face aging; a study shows that people who sleep on one side can expect to have more wrinkles on their cheeks and chin while people who sleep on their stomach will develop wrinkles on their forehead. Specialists recommend sleeping on our back because this way gravityís action will not be so harmful for our face.

Smoking is another thing that makes our skin get older. A smokerís face is dry, lacks elasticity and gets wrinkles easier. But premature aging in not only connected to nicotine but with other components of tobacco.  Smoking takes our skinís vitality, reduces the collagen levels and it dehydrates it.

Face aging has another ally: stress. Everybody suffers of stress or tiredness but when you forget to sleep enough or at least relax, your skin pays for it. If you canít sleep reduce the cups of coffee you drink, take some baths and try to read a book before you go to bed. Sleep deprivation is a serious matter so if you have insomnia and you canít treat it go to the doctor because it not only causes wrinkles but it can even lead to death.

People who follow a healthy diet have more chances to prevent face aging than people who eat junk food all the time. Studies show that you can take care of your skin from inside by taking vitamins, eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Also donít drink too much alcohol because it accelerates the aging process and affects your sleep so you will get even more wrinkles.

We cannot prevent face aging because it is a normal process after all, but what we can do is to live healthy and take care as much as we can of our skin to decelerate that nasty aging process.

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