Facial aging


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If you noticed that the most imperceptible wrinkles you had became very unaesthetic itís time to build your defense plan against wrinkles. No matter which is the cause you will surely get depressed and say: Oh my god, I am so old! But this time you need to confront your face with the mirror bravely.

Facial aging is something that will take place at a certain time of your life. It can be premature aging, which is terrible, or it can be healthy facial aging, which in some cases can look good on you.

You will not do anything until you accept yourself; a little wrinkle isnít a tragedy. Look at your mother: Which are the areas where she has the most wrinkles?  You are most likely to make wrinkles in those areas too so itís genetic.

Expression wrinkles cannot be linked with facial aging. Although they are a sign of aging skin, in most of the cases they cannot be considered the cause of facial aging.

The most common wrinkles are the ones around your eyes, lips and forehead. The wrinkles around your lips give you an older look so you need to prevent them as much as you can: try to use a special hydrating cream in that aria every day. Also use a lip balm with vitamins too, to keep your lips soft and healthy.

The wrinkles around your eyes can appear at a very young age as the skin from that area is very sensitive and soft. You will need to use special eye moisture and always remove your eye make-up before you go to bed.

After we reach 28 years of age we need to give more attention to our skin. It is best to make a facial peeling once a week and use a hydrating night cream. With the facial peeling we will stimulate the production of new cells which will bring back the brightness of our skin.

After 30 years old the wrinkles near your eyes are more obvious and you will need to start using a special eye contour cream. You donít have to be cheap when it comes to your face skin. It is good to use the best products, not necessarily the most expensive, but the ones who have the best results on your type of skin.

Once you are older than 30 years it is good to use anti aging products which contain Q10 coenzyme, retinol or glycolic acid and if your skin is really sensitive you should buy products with kinetin as the main ingredient. The effects of these ingredients are to diminish your open pores which after a certain age become more visible and fade your wrinkles, giving your skin more brightness.

40 years old- this is the age when facial aging becomes really visible. Your face has more wrinkles, maybe because you smoke, or you expose it to sun, or just because you followed a lot of strict diets.

You can start using the new treatments on the market after 45 years like Botox or collagen treatment, plastic surgery, laser surgery but if you donít want those all you need is to take care of your skin, no matter what age you have. A person must give attention to their skin because the more care it gets, the healthier it will be.

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