Forehead wrinkles


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Maybe you have wondered why forehead wrinkles appear. Many factors cause forehead wrinkles to appear. We are going to talk about them in the following article. First, letís talk a little about skin and its normal properties. One of the skinís layers, the dermis, secretes an important substance for skin, namely elastin. Its role is to assure skinís elasticity and flexibility.

Forehead wrinkles are at first caused by the facial muscles; after the gesture of the face is over, the forehead skin returns to its normal aspect. After a while of advancing in age, the forehead skin begins to wrinkle. This is a normal process after the age of 30. After that age the elastin production begins to decrease and the aging process is commencing.

 Many people donít use any wrinkle removing products until they see visible and disturbing lines on their skin. Even if we donít see them, the forehead wrinkles donít appear from nowhere. They are the result of every dayís face gestures.

Now you are probably wondering what is with the younger people with visible wrinkles on their forehead. The causes of their wrinkles are various. One of the causes is premature aging. Premature aging means having all the visible characteristics of an aged body on a chronologically young body. So if these wrinkles are deep and visible at 20 years or earlier the person can be suffering of premature aging. This is not relevant if they donít have other symptoms.

If other symptoms are not present, then that is not a premature aging case. It means that either his skin is dehydrated or it was exposed for many long times to powerful sunrays. These two major factors cause wrinkles in general to appear. In our case, they cause the forehead wrinkles to become more visible and deeper at early ages.

Dehydration is a sort of illness for the skin; a dehydrated skin is a skin lacking water and vitamins. The normal amount of water for a normal man is of 2 liters per day and if this rule is not respected, then the whole body gets dehydrated, not just your skin. Dehydration can be accelerated by smoking; the overall amount of vitamins is rapidly wasted in the body of a smoker. Without vitamins, skin is not able to keep its properties and function normally. That is why it gets thinner, loses elasticity, firm aspect and in the end it turns into a folded piece of newspaper.

Often being expression wrinkles, forehead wrinkles can be best attenuated or prevented with a Botox treatment. Botox is a neurotoxin that paralyzes muscles temporarily. Injected in the foreheadís expression muscles, Botulinum toxin will make wonders to your face by keeping you away from making the forehead expressions that wrinkled your skin. After the substance is injected, apply a moisturizer, face cream or wrinkle remover on your forehead to soften, hydrate and fortify your skin. This will make the treatment more efficient and more reliable.

It is recommended that you follow a skin care treatment everyday especially if you are smoker. It is for the best of your skin. Maintaining is easier than rebuilding.

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