Healthy aging


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Nobody can defy aging, nobody can skip aging but we can assure that we are aging healthy and with few problems. Healthy aging includes a healthy diet, a regular exercise program, good social relationships and a sharp mind.

As you grow older you will tend to leave the activities you used to make to the younger people, but this is a very big mistake. Stop saying ďI am too old to do thatĒ and just do it.

Avoiding activities is one big mistake because exercises and any type of moving will keep you healthy and away from heart diseases for a long time.

If you canít get off the couch ask a friend to come by and go for a walk together, two is better than one.

You can start helping your family, spend time with the grandkids, help your children do the chores or enjoy a good movie with your spouse.

Another important thing in healthy aging is a good lifestyle and that mostly means a good diet and a regular exercise program. Try to avoid saturated fats because they will increase your cholesterol level; a high cholesterol is extremely damaging to your health as it leads to a big blood pressure and heart diseases. Most people who are more than 60 years old suffer from heart diseases so be careful.  Also if you are over 50 years old and suffer from obesity, itís time to lose some weight; a lot of people who suffer from obesity die annually, especially the ones older than 50 years.

Healthy aging also means keeping your mind sane. If your mind is not working properly it doesnít matter how much you live, you will probably miss the whole thing.

You can try some activities to keep your mind working, for example: reading, playing chess, solving logical problems, discussing with your friends. Many of us see a lot of retired people discussing politics or playing chess and sometimes we laugh but thatís just a way they keep their mind healthy and busy otherwise the lack of mind activity could make them insane.

Another big mistake older people do is to stop taking care of bodies thinking:Ē I am old, nobody will ever look at me.Ē Taking care of yourself is a sign of respect for you and others not something that you do when you are young. Even when you have a certain age you can still use body lotions, perfumes and make some exercises; you will notice that your body will respond, you will feel better with yourself and you will probably look younger.

Aging creams are a great help but if you really want significant and fast results you will probably choose cosmetic surgery. There is nothing wrong with choosing surgery to look younger; a lot of people do it even if others think it is an extreme and selfish option. All you want is to feel better with yourself and if that means choosing cosmetic surgery, then you will have to do it, otherwise you will feel depressed every time you will look in the mirror crying for those days when you were young.

As a conclusion, aging is something that will always happen, no matter what we do, but we can make it more bearable by having a healthy lifestyle and a minimum amount of self esteem. As long as you donít become a couch potato, crying because you are old, you are on the right track.

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