Lip wrinkles


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Nothing is more terrible than your lipstick getting into your wrinkles around your lips. To prevent that from happening your lips and the skin around them needs the same special attention the skin around your eyes.

The skin around your lips is exposed to a lot of bacteria, pollution and different substances; when we eat it comes in contact to a lot of food and when we smoke it ages more rapidly than other areas on our face.

The people with wrinkles around their lips look a lot older than others who have wrinkles placed in other areas so it is best to take care of them as much as we can.

One of the important things that lead to lip wrinkles is superficial hydration; if you donít hydrate that skin too, you canít expect not to have wrinkles. When you use a face moisturizer chose a more hydrating one for that area, especially if you are a smoker or you have a dry skin.

Lip wrinkles can also be expression wrinkles for certain people: smokers. When we smoke we use our lips and of course all the expressions we make leave a mark on our face in time. As expected, nicotine also has a damaging effect on our skin but it is also helped by the expressions we make. The best thing you can do is to stop smoking completely but as we are all humans that is not always possible so if you cut a little the cigarettes you smoke you might see some results.

Another way to protect your lips and their wrinkles is to use a lot of lip balm, even at night. This way you will have hydrated lips and, of course, a hydrated skin around them. In the morning your lips will surely be softer and your lipstick will be applied easier. Men should also use a transparent lip balm to protect their lips and make them softer.

You can ameliorate the already formed lip wrinkles if you use a cream based on retinol in the morning and before you go to bed in the evening.

There are also some make-up tricks for women who have lip wrinkles: before you apply lipstick use a lip crayon to draw a contour line. This way you will prevent any lipstick to get into the wrinkles around your lips.

Chirurgical alternatives for lip wrinkles are collagen filling and cosmetic surgery. Botox will not work in those areas because wrinkles around the mouth will not disappear easily when the muscles are paralyzed and a Botox treatment will keep you from talking normally.

Lip wrinkles are probably the most feared type of wrinkles because they are hard to get rid of and also more unaesthetic than wrinkles from other areas.

People must be careful and take care of their skin before they see wrinkle signs, wrinkles are almost impossible to get rid of but preventing them is always easier. Use hydrating creams, lip balms and moisturizing lipsticks to keep your lips healthy and good looking.

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