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From all the signs time leaves on our face the most worrying are wrinkles because they are the most visible signs of ageing and they alter our beauty. Natural face creams are a great solution for your wrinkles especially if you have a sensitive skin. Even homemade remedies can be of great help when you are dealing with wrinkles: hydrating and exfoliating masks are better if made home because are sure the ingredients are fresh and there are no ways to irritate your skin.

Natural face creams can contain a variety of ingredients, from fruits to different minerals. They usually contain a lot of vitamins which make our skin look younger: natural face creams with vitamin E have a high antioxidant role and protect the skin from oxygen free radicals, vitamin A is responsible for skin changes, vitamin B2 prevents our skin from drying, also lack of vitamin B3 leads to skin diseases and skin swelling, vitamin C hydrates the skin, etc. It is very important to have natural creams which contain them but it is more important to obtain them through a vitamin rich diet.

Natural face creams for dry skin usually contain: chamomile, cucumber, honey, olive oil, bananas, etc. These products have properties which assure the normal hydrating level of our skin and acids that will make it smooth.  

Seaweed extracts and Alpha Hydroxy Acids are often found in natural face creams and have antioxidant properties. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a group of substances extracted from fruit acids or other products(citric acid from lemons, glycolic acid from beet, lactic acid from milk, malic acid from apples, etc.). They can also come in high concentrations (over 6%-8%) in exfoliating products but their concentration is low if the product is a hydrating cream.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are also used in anti wrinkle or anti acne products but they grow the skinís sensibility to sun radiations.

Ascorbic Acid is actually vitamin C which is used as an antioxidant and skin regenerator. It is found mostly in natural face creams for spots or wrinkles, as it helps corrects the skin tone and helps synthesize the collagen.

 Beeswax and grape seed extracts are a main ingredient for natural creams; they create a barrier to stop any harming substances from the environment on our skin.

To improve the effect of natural face creams the market also has a variety of natural cosmetics which are usually less harming and irritating than normal cosmetics.

If you chose to create natural face creams, oils or lotions in your own home make sure you use only fresh products and store them properly. Mixes which contain milk, fruits or vegetables must be stored in your refrigerator and will not be used more than 4-5 days, the products which are obtained with water and different plants (such as the ones obtained with maceration) ,if stored properly(dark cold places), can be used even for one or two months.

Sometimes natural face creams are a better solution than some high advertised revolutionary face creams because they contain ingredients which surely arenít harmful for our body and they are a perfect solution for people who suffer from sensitive skin or dermatological problems.  

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