Premature aging


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Have you ever walked on the street and saw young people with white hair or with any signs of aging? Did that popped a question mark? On the other hand, have you ever heard of a young man suffering of diabetes or arteriosclerosis? All these are signs of premature aging. We are going to highlight now some of the causes of premature aging.

What can we call premature aging?

A man is considered old when he is around 60 years of age. Most of the specialists admit that aging comes with retirement. Retirement age varies from country to country but everywhere it is around 60 years of age. Doctors agree that there are diseases, like arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis or Alzheimer, specific to old people. This is where premature aging comes into play. If a young person is suffering of one of these diseases, we can say that he or she suffers of premature aging.  


Premature aging can appear at any age, taking into account that the biological age is not quite the same with the chronological age. A body exposed for a long time to different factors, like toxic environments, solar radiation, stress or a prolonged inactivity, could be sentenced to contract diseases that normally would appear after 60 years of age. In other cases, the symptoms of premature aging appear all of the sudden as a result to different traumas or medical events endured by the patient. A heart attack or an incurable disease, like cancer, can cause premature aging. It can be caused also by hormonal modifications.

Also premature aging can be caused by the genetic factor of a man. Children only a few years old, can suffer of Alzheimer disease or any other symptoms which are suitable for an 80-year-old person.


Forms of manifestation

The first symptom that should raise a question is the pain, not exactly severe pain but prolonged pain. This is the way our body communicates, telling us that something is not right. Pain can be the result of an inflammation or pressure upon internal organs. After some routine medical exam, it is possible to observe that there are problems with the blood traffic, digestion or that our heart is not working at optimum efficiency.

In addition, we must be very aware with phenomena that might not seem so menacing to us; this can include hair loss. Hair loss doesnít mean in all cases that your shampoo is bad quality. It can also mean that you are facing some anomalies that take place inside your body. These must be immediately identified and cured. Also the condition of your skin could be an important clue. Skin aging and elasticity loss at young ages is a sign that we are facing a severe hormonal change. This does not only affect our external look but also our inner bodywork.  


When we discover that we have symptoms of premature aging we have to take attitude immediately. First we must identify the factors that cause our disease. After that we must take care of every symptom, depending on each human body. There are some cures that are usually harsh: changing the lifestyle, changing or following a diet or body detoxification. It is very important that we reduce stress factors. This can be accomplished trough massage or psychological counseling. Sports and an active lifestyle in general can help you refresh your organism. These donít have to be harsh chances for people, because they are a normal and healthy way of living so it is best to obtain them even if you donít suffer from premature aging or diseases.

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