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Humanity has always showed a great interest in immortality. In myths, literature and other dwellings of the human mind, the immortal is divinized and has a great advantage in front of the normal people. People would do almost anything to obtain immortality and history presents a lot of cases which are a great argument for this statement.

Nowadays, science and immortality have a strong connection.  Scientists have managed to bring out all sorts of remedies and means to retard the process of aging. On the market, we have skin products and all sorts of medicine, promising us a longer and better life. What really depends on us, to reverse aging, is not using those products when we see with our own eyes the effects of aging but trying to replace them with a healthy lifestyle. We must make a stand against aging the whole life, this meaning that we have to take care of our diet, our workout, our skin care and,of course, our hygiene.

What is more important is the way we feel after a certain age. Reversing aging can be a trifle if our minds are young. The psychological aspects of our lives are very important. Getting a depression after entering the realm of chronological aging is not indicated because it only makes it worse.

Some people talk about reversing aging as means of defeating death. What is really a fact is that nothing in this world except the world itself can defeat death. Scientists are working hard experimenting and researching new means of retarding the aging process. This aging retardation has chances to prolong a normal lifespan with a maximum 25%, but that means every stage in human development will be stretched. To get a more clear view upon this matter, imagine a puberty manifested in our 20ís and so on. The problem that is more delicate is the gap that might appear between body development and mind development. It might be possible that the break between these two to be irrecoverable. 

The question now is why a normal process like aging is considered a disease. Why are we afraid of getting old and why do we try to cure aging. Many people are facing death very late and live almost a century; but many others want even more. This matter calls for a real philosophical talk and many of the opinions are different from one person to another.

Many people are making great money from this matter. This thing points out only one certainty: humanity is really interested in this matter and if aging could be stopped many people would go for it no matter the cost.

At this point we can be sure that immortality is out of hand. What we can do to reverse aging is to take care of what we already have and what nature has given to us. A total age reversing process is also out of hand; life goes on in its own ways and we only have the power to watch. Until man can interfere more with natureís ways I am advising only one thing: protect your life and if you feel you are getting old, donít count the years and try to feel and act as young as you can.

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