Skin aging


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Growing older means much more than just counting years that pass in oneís life. Along with the years great problems appear regarding health. Even if we experience excessive fatigue or high blood pressure or any other problem, we must be aware that if we donít do anything about it, things will get worse.

Now we are going to discuss something that most of us take into account only when it is visible enough to shock us. I am sure that anyone has wrinkles, lines and spots on their skin. But what happens when you get older? Your skin is aging too and those thin lines or small spots are becoming big problems.

Can you do something about it? Sure, you can, but first letís discuss the causes of skin aging. Specialists have observed in their researches that there are two types of skin aging: internal skin aging and external skin aging. This classification has been established upon the factors that cause skin aging.

For the internal type, the causes are genetic and depend on our genes. This aging is also known as natural aging and it begins to manifest on people over 20 years old. This is caused by the continuously slowing collagen and elastin production. Also the dead skin cells replacing process is slowed down. These effects are not visible at first although the process of skin aging has begun under our skins.

External aging is caused by a series of different external factors. Probably the most dangerous of them is the sun. Sun exposure should not be made without protection; a few minutes of sun every day can cause long term skin degradation. The effects can be loose skin, freckles, spider veins or even skin cancer. Sun has different effects on different types of skin. The effects also depend on the exposureís intensity.

Gravity also has effects on your skin. When people are more than 50 years old the effects of gravity become visible due to the lack of skin elasticity.  Your ears elongate, eyelids fall, jowls appear and the lower lip becomes more and more pronounced.

Smoking also has bad influence on your skin. Due to the biochemical changes that take place in a smokerís body, the aging rate accelerates dramatically. In addition to this, wrinkles are more visible, deeper and skin has a yellow hue and leathery feel. Even if not visible on young smokers, the wrinkles are visible under the microscope.

Sleeping positions can also be a cause of wrinkles. Sleeping for a long time in the same position is not good for your skin. Therefore, if you only have one favorite sleeping position, you need to find some more for your own good.

We assume you wouldnít like yourself full of wrinkles, spots and lines. This is why we recommend you to take care of your skin while you still can. Medical research made wonders in the skin care domain so why not take advantage of it. There are many treatments like botulinum toxin, injectable fillers, radiofrequency or traditional facelift. All these and many more are available for you and for the best of your skin. And this is only the beginning of a new era.

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