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Unfortunately until now nobody managed to stop aging or live forever but specialists are still trying to find the secret to immortality. The only things that managed to ďpauseĒ aging until now were: a balanced lifestyle, a healthy diet and good exercise routine. On the other hand the things that can fast forward aging are: smoking, eating a lot of fat, drinking and extreme sun exposure.


Different treatments and pills appear every day; they guarantee us a lot of more years to live than we normally would but are they all that good? One thing is sure: chemicals are not good so opt for natural products. Some natural pills made from herbs bring a great benefit to our body. For example there are lavender pills that replace sleeping pills or act as sedative, garlic pills are also used to fortify the immune system and of course Ginkgo biloba pills which remedy any internal malfunctions.


Our skin covers our body completely. It represents the barrier between the outside world and our internal organs. It protects us from infections, coldness and heat so it is very important to take care of it as much as we can.  However, our body ages too and the skin develops wrinkles which are very unaesthetic, especially for people who have a wrinkled face. Some of the factors that lead to an aged skin are: extreme wind, sun exposure, bad diet or smoking.


When we reach a certain age our face starts to show aging sings and it is best that we action fast before those become permanent. People who are 40 years old or more have reached the maximum period of vitality and normal skin function and as the years pass the skins capacity to regenerate will decrease.


The aging process is pretty slow but we must also understand that it is continuous. You donít have to be worried that when you reach a certain age your look will dramatically become older, the secret is to be careful of what you eat and keep in mind that you are responsible for the way your skin looks.


Your skin ages when it cannot produce enough collagen, the aging signs are dryness and wrinkles. After 40 years of age your body will use less vitamins as its vitamin assimilation function will get slower and you will have to eat more and more fruits and vegetables to compensate for that.


Visiting your doctor regularly will also prevent you from diseases that could increase your aging process.


When you feel that your body ages you have to start doing regular exercises, if you havenít done them before, because you will need it more than ever; also a low fat diet and less alcohol will also be welcomed.


Sleep is an important age factor as it is the way for your body and brain to regulate their normal functions and keep their energy. As you age you will feel the need to sleep less but donít let it overcome and try natural methods to assure a good night sleep.


Donít be scared of aging! Live it and try to enjoy it! It can be delayed easily with a little balance in your life.

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