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A lot of people, especially women, believe that having wrinkles necessarily means that you are old and unattractive so they worry a lot about their wrinkles and desperately try any so called ”revolutionary” product on the market. An interesting fact about wrinkle creams is that they are one of the most sold products in the world, no matter how poor the women are, they will always have money to fill their wrinkle cream stock.

If you chose your wrinkle cream wisely, it can make wonders for your skin. Most women buy the wrinkle creams which are the most advertised without trying them first to see if they are suitable for their skin, that’s why most of the time wrinkle creams fail.

If you want to chose a good wrinkle cream and gain some benefits from it you need to learn which are the most wrinkles predisposed areas and how to apply cream on them. Before you buy any cream you must see your dermatologist and find out what type of skin you have.

Oily skin is one of the luckiest skins when it comes to wrinkles, because of the excess sebum it never gets dry and wrinkles appear later; however, like any other type of skin, it comes with its own problems: big pores, blackheads, acne, etc. Every evening it must be cleaned with a gentle toner and then treated with a vitamin C wrinkle cream. Never use an alcohol toner, especially if your skin is old, because it leads to dryness.

Normal skin is a balanced type of skin, it has wrinkle problems, sometimes it gets dehydrated but its problems disappear in short time with the right treatments. Normal skin is not that sensible to external conditions or environmental changes.

Dry skin is the most predisposed to wrinkles and usually people with dry skin age prematurely; dry skin needs special care, a good hydrating cream and diet so be sure to drink a lot of water and use moisturizer day and night. If your skin is too dry though, visit your dermatologist because you might have a skin disease.

Combination skin is a mix between dry and oily skin. The forehead and nose are usually oily and the cheeks and the rest of the face are dry; this is a very difficult to treat type of skin as it needs different products for both areas. It usually ages first in the dry areas if they are not treated properly.

Sensitive skin is terrible: it dries often, hurts, itches and you cannot use most of the products to treat it. Rashes can appear if you are using perfumes, some cosmetics or normal soap so you need to be extra careful and only use products especially made for a sensitive skin.

You can use a wrinkle cream before being 25 years old only if your skin is dry, otherwise using one before that age can make it worse and sometimes they will lose effect because the skin adapts easily to any cream. When your skin gets older you can use creams that contain retinol or collagen but never use them if you don’t have real wrinkle problems.

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