Wrinkle filler


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You are just tired of all those wrinkles on your face and want to buy a new one. Yes, itís that simple and you will succeed creating a new face in no time if you just follow some safety tips.

Wrinkle filler is actually an injection which can contain Botox, collagen and even your own fat. Although it is not a very complicated procedure, like a face surgery, filling your wrinkles could be a very psychical demanding job because it means changing something on your face so you need to prepare yourself mentally before this procedure. Many women will start thinking ďWhy am I doing this? Isnít this too extreme?Ē but itís wrong to think about it like that because itís something that will make you feel better with yourself.

The first thing to do, after deciding that you want to follow this procedure, is to find a specialized place which is medically attested. Make sure that they had other patients that suffered these procedures before you, because you donít want to be the first one who does it. Ask for some portfolio of their works and make sure you notice how they looked after because thatís probably the way you will look.

After the doctor sees you ask him which is the best treatment for your wrinkles and he will know what to advise you; probably you will have to make some allergy tests if you are going to inject Botox or collagen; however, if you want to inject body fat you donít need to make any tests because there are no chances that your body will reject it. The tests might take a long time and it might be annoying for people who want to see fast results but itís for your own good.

If you chose to have a Botox treatment you should know a few things about it first. Botox is actually botulinum toxin A which is a protein made by the bacteria which produces food poisoning; this protein paralyzes the muscle responsible for face expression and without any expression your wrinkles start to fade. Doctors reported that it can even cure migraines and muscle spasms. The whole procedure will last about a half an hour and the effects will start showing in one week and last about 4 months so if you want to keep them you need to have another shot.

Although Botox only removes expression wrinkles, wrinkle filler based on collagen will fill all your wrinkles. Collagen filling needs a long allergy test before itís made as it is derived from cows and many bodies reject it.

Injections which contain your own fat are safer and sometimes the effects last longer than the ones after collagen or Botox treatment but that varies from person to person. It also doesnít need any allergy tests so it can be made right after your consultation. The fat is taken from your belly, hips or buttocks and injected right into your wrinkles.

Donít be worried about pain because the needle is very small and fine so you wonít feel anything during the procedure although after the shot redness and swelling might appear.

No matter which of these treatment you decide to take, make sure they are made by doctors and not by unprepared people because if they are not made by the right person, in some cases they can be fatal.

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