Facial exercises


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We like to train our muscles so we will be fit and in great shape. We put a lot of effort, time and money into training but we usually forget that there is a group of muscles which should also benefit from training: facial muscles.

Since the 70's a whole new trend regarding facial exercises as a non surgical treatment against ageing has been developed. The principle is simple: if any trained muscle allows a lower percentage of fat without looking too thin, the facial muscles should work the same way and lead to a more firm and tighten skin face.

Some of the most common facial exercises are addressed to eyes and forehead, lips and cheeks, neck and throat are: face tapping with the pads of the fingers, face stroking, under-chin slaps, massage for the throat, ears and hair, exercises for mouth and eyes.

The benefits of facial exercises are numerous: prevent the forming of wrinkles and the sagging of the skin, improve the texture by increasing the blood circulation (so that the toxins are easier eliminate and the nutrients can go faster to the skin cells), don't cost much time (couple of minutes per day), can be performed anywhere (you don't have to become member of some expensive gym club), tone the firmness of your face and neck; can be performed at any age. Like for any other muscles, the results (a youthful appearance, a toned, firm skin, with less lines and wrinkles) appear only if the exercises are performed regularly.

Now there are also opponents to this type of exercises. They base their affirmation on the fact that one of the factors that cause wrinkles appearance (along with the diminish of collagen/elastin as a result of ageing or sun exposure, stress, smoking) is the repeated movement of the muscles under the skin. So some dermatologists and plastic surgeons say facial exercises not only that do not help in gaining a younger, vivid look, but make thinks worse because by exercising those muscles daily, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is more probable.

Of course the facial exercises fans say that on contrary, facial exercises not only that do not cause wrinkles if done correctly, but help people's faces look younger for longer, without going under the traumatic (and expensive) experience of a plastic surgery.

Now, having these pros and cons, it is really up to you to decide if you want to give them a try.

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