Wrinkle injections


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The desire to improve the way we look made cosmetic surgery one of the most appreciated fields of medicine. There are many procedures to treat wrinkles: Botox treatment, collagen injection, fat implants, laser, chemical peeling and more but now I will only discuss about wrinkle injections. Wrinkle injections are some alternatives for people who donít want to go to extreme and chose plastic surgery. They are more faster and the recovery takes at most a few days.

The most popular choice in wrinkle treatment is Botox (botulinum toxin A). The treatment consists in injecting small quantities of Botox directly into the muscle that sustains the wrinkled skin. Botox toxin gets attached to the muscle and blocks the production of a substance that determines muscular contraction. The toxinís action will relax the muscle making the skin look better and also reducing your wrinkles almost to 100%. Specialists say that Botox can remove best the wrinkles on the top side of your face like eyes and forehead. The procedure takes about a half an hour and the effects are visible from 4 to 6 moths. Be careful, if you want immediate results this treatment may not be the right choice, your skin needs about a week to recover and almost a month to see the treatmentís full effects.

The side effects that can occur are: migraines, fatigue, local inflammations and swelling.   

Many face creams contain collagen; all people know that collagen will improve our look thatís why another popular option to get rid of your wrinkles is collagen injection.

This treatment can start right after you made sure that you arenít allergic. The collagen is injected in the desired area using a fine needle and if you donít chose anesthesia you will only feel a simple burning. Right after the treatment swelling and itching may occur but they disappear in 24 hours. People with sensitive skin can expect side effects in the next seven days. The results vary from person to person but they usually quickly disappear in the areas with expression wrinkles as they cannot be avoided. What is most important to know is that collagen injections and usually any wrinkle injections donít have permanent results. The collagen will be metabolized by our body in short time.

Another alternative to collagen injection is injecting the patientís own fat into their wrinkles. The big plus of this treatment is the fact that it can be less allergic and less shocking for the body however fat will easily be absorbed and the effects will last for a very short time in some cases.

Wrinkle injections are a fast, cheap and painless alternative for busy people but their effects never last a lifetime and you always have to come back and get another shot. They can be a perfect choice if you want to look good for a certain event like a wedding, a holiday or your birthday but make sure you have the procedure taken a few days before because you donít want to have all the side effects during the chosen event.

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