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Are you tired of your wrinkled face? Are you afraid your face, which is so nice, will not be always as it is today? Is this is so? Then I am going to give you some tips about how to have a wrinkle free face.

First, I am going to ask if you ever heard about BOTOX? If you haven’t and have problems with wrinkles, I must say that you missed out probably the best wrinkle remover known to man.

Botulinum neurotoxin A, generally known as Botox, is a powerful toxin produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium.  Clinical usage of the toxin makes wonders in the treatment of face wrinkles, migraines, prostate problems or even eye muscle disorders.

In the treatment of wrinkles, Botox is very useful. The toxin has the ability to paralyze muscles temporarily. This proves handy in wrinkle removing, because injecting the serum into the wrinkled areas of the face paralyzes the expression muscles.

This may sound a bit dangerous but the results are 100% guaranteed. The dosage of the toxin injected in your system is very well calculated and specialists guarantee that risks are almost zero and results are great.

If you are a very skeptical person when it comes to new ways of doing things, we suggest you try the classic ways of wrinkle removing. Try to find a good wrinkle remover such as an anti wrinkle cream. Beware that not all products are good and we suggest you give more credit to people that have used these products than in the producers’ advertising campaigns. Not that someone wants to trick you with a bad product, but just because these products have different effects on different skins. So when choosing your wrinkle remover, take in account the price, the commercial and of course what people say about it. If someone with a face similar to yours used it and it was good, then it’s a yes in using that product.

A good wrinkle remover shouldn’t be based on alcohol. Alcohol dries face skin, and has bad effects afterwards like irritations or rashes. Also, see if your wrinkle remover is rich in vitamins. Skin hydration must be very high to make those nasty lines disappear so I recommend that vitamins A, B, D and E should not miss the recipe. After buying the product of your choice, make sure that you use it strictly as recommended on the box. Do not exceed quantities or do not skip treatment. This may ruin the whole efficiency of the product making it rainwater.

Speaking of rainwater, I have a solution even for people who do not want to spend money on expensive creams and fancy treatments. Homemade wrinkle removers can prove very efficient. Massaging your face every night before going to bed with grapes, bananas or coconut oil will make a great difference. Homemade recipes can travel from one person to another or you can find all sorts of treatments in books or over the internet. In addition, make sure you get the right amount of water (minimum 8 glasses) each day. This is very good for skin hydration. Also consume aliments rich in vitamins A, B, D, E and C for better results.

I wish you good luck and a clear skin.

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