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Everybody knows that there are no miraculous wrinkle treatments and all we need to do is to let nature take its course while we slow it down from time to time. Some of the wrinkle treatments work better than others but it depends on our type of skin so before we begin a wrinkle treatment we must make sure we know what type of skin we have and what products can harm it. The cosmetic salons offer a big variety of wrinkle treatments: the old fashioned way (clean, hydrate, exfoliate), wrinkle injections or chemical substances. Another alternative is to try different wrinkle creams or create your own wrinkle treatments at home. The big advantage about homemade natural beauty masks or creams is the fact that they present no risk of irritation for our skin so they are more than welcomed for women who have the time to research and prepare them.

If you want to place your skin in the hand of an expert you will go to a beauty salon where you can benefit from a 3 step skin care program: cleaning the skin, exfoliating it and hydrating it. This treatment will not actually guarantee that you will get rid of your wrinkles but your skin will look brighter and feel softer.

Chemical peeling is a procedure that removes the superficial layer of our skin through exfoliation. This procedure is helped by chemical substances like phenol or acetic acid and after the treatment your skin will be softer the wrinkles will be less visible. If you want to follow this treatment you have to make sure that it is made in a professional and medical attested place. Another thing that should be mentioned about this treatment is the fact that you will have to stay in your home for a few days until your red skin will heal.

Micro Derma-Abrasion is really a controlled exfoliation which is made with a machine that moves small crystals on our skin. The crystals will remove all the dead skin and make place for the new cells; this procedure will lead to amazing texture, color and aspect changes. The good thing about this treatment is the fact that it can be a good choice even for young people who donít have skin problems. It will clean your skin very good and will prevent any future problems. You will need about 4 to 6 sessions at first with a seven days distance between them.

Wrinkle injections are a somehow painful procedure but a lot of people opt for it because the results are pretty good. There are two types of wrinkle injections: the ones which fill the wrinkles with collagen or fat and the ones which paralyze the muscles that sustain the skin so they wonít be able to contract and make expression wrinkles. These injections must be made in specialized places by authorized people.

These procedures described above will have an increased effect if they are combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Meals which are full of vitamins, a lot of water and fewer cigarettes also contribute to a younger skin so take those in consideration too.

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