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Before getting into the core of the matter I would like you to pay attention when reading this as it contains valuable information. Taking interest in this matter and finding this article means only one thing: your wrinkled face bothers you.

You might have wondered what wrinkles are and why they appear. I am going to describe briefly the major factors that influence the wrinkled face.

First, you need to know that skin is compound of three major layers: the epidermis, the dermis and underneath the subcutaneous tissue.

The role of the epidermis is to protect and counteract with the environment. Imagine the epidermis as a barrier. Its cells are keratynocites and their role is to create a protective keratin shell.

The second layer, the dermis, functions as a bridge between the external and inner layer of the skin. It contains important elements as collagen and elastin. Collagen gives skin strength and elastin gives flexibility. The junction between the dermis and the epidermis is very important for skin. The dermis contains blood vessels that assure the epidermis the proper amount of blood and nutrients.

The last of the skinís layers is the subcutaneous tissue. This layer has a great importance as it houses large blood vessels and nerves. In addition to this, it also contains fat with role in regulating the temperature of our bodies. The thickness of the subcutaneous tissue varies from one area of the body to another and from body to body.

After understanding the structure of our skin, we will talk now about why wrinkles appear. Once a person ages, the cells of his skin are beginning to lose most of their functions. The thinner the epidermal cells get the more amount of water is let loose from the skin, making it dry. Each decade 10% of the epidermal cells are wasted and the process of cell regeneration is decreasing. This makes skin more vulnerable and more sensible.

Aging has a significant effect upon the dermis. Not only the layer becomes thinner but it also produces decreased quantities of collagen and elastin. These major changes cause wrinkles to appear. Sebaceous glands produce less sebum and sweating glands decrease their activity. These changes have only one effect: they cause skin to get dry.

The subcutaneous tissue is also affected; its fat cells decrease and lose strength to recover for the damage of the other two layers.

When these changes begin to take place in our body, the influence of the other factors is visible on your wrinkled face. Solar exposure causes lines and spots to appear; these get more visible with time passing. Once with the loss of elastin fibers, gravity gets ground and pulls your skin down, causing jowls, drooping eyelids and prolonged year lobes. The muscles underneath our skin used for face gestures and expression are also influencing wrinkle appearance.

If you do not try to attenuate the effects of these external and interior factors, when you get old, you will see how a wrinkled face looks like. Science and nature became your allies against aging and other factors that lead to a wrinkled face so try benefit from them as much as you can.

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