How celebrities look so young


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You see them everywhere; on your way to work there are huge posters with them; in your lunch break, when you open a magazine, there are commercials, articles or interviews with them; the Internet is full with pictures and information about them; in the evening when you turn on the TV they are there: the celebrities.

And you wonder what they do, what they eat/drink to always look so ravishing and if they are made of flesh and blood like the rest of us.

Here are some of their secrets:

  1. First of all they spend a lot of money on stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers so they do not have a public appearance (when photos are taken) without the benefit of their services first.
  2. The more famous they are, the faster they receive (for publicity) clothes, shoes, accessories created by famous designers.
  3. They have the financial ability to use the best beauty products and treatments. They use top creams and make up.
  4. Most of them have personal trainers to help them have a fit and toned body.
  5. Loosing weight is kept under strict observation by professional nutritionists. Also they can afford to pay a cook who can prepare balanced meals (or to purchase the best recommended foods).
  6. They go regularly for spa treatments where their skin is resurfaced, lasered, peeled, massaged and moisturized.
  7. They are careful with the sun because of its devastating effects on skin surface (fine line, wrinkles); they use sunglasses, hats and creams with SPF 15 or more.
  8. Eyes are very important when thinking of a person's age. Many celebrities get eye/face lifts or the bags removed from under their eyes.
  9. Botox treatments or injections with collagen/fat are being used by famous people to get rid of the wrinkles, to stop the forming of new ones or to regain a youthful look. Some celebrities even go for plastic surgery.
  10. In a photo session their flaws are carefully covered with make up or clothes. And sometimes the pictures can be a bit “edited” so that the person on it looks nothing but fabulous.

Maybe you don’t have at your disposal everything that a celebrity has; but that doesn't mean that you cannot do the best with what you have and look years younger than your real age.

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